Complimentary Sheet Music & Rings
How the Rings Work? - occupational octaves piano
How the Rings Work

Through this system, brand new learners get to play challenging music with a simple language right away! Just by wearing the rings, beginners like Mia, who has never played the piano before the video below, performs Beethoven’s Fur Elise in just five minutes!

Layer 138

“Rings on the Fingers is Music to the Ears!”

learning traditional music notation - occupational octaves piano

Musical Goal

Lisa Barnett, MT-BC

lee's opening message therpapists - occupational octaves piano
  • Play a full classical curriculum
  • Play all major and minor scales in multi-octave format
  • Learn proper finger positioning, placement, and patterns
  • Reach a state of flow
  • Have the pieces in place for a lifetime of playing
righ arrow - occupational octaves piano

While many can, not everyone reads and succeeds when learning traditional music notation...

Piano Directly to Your Educational - occupational octaves piano

Non-Musical Goals

Lee’s Opening Message - Therapists

lee's opening message therpapists - occupational octaves piano
  • Hand Stabilization
  • Finger Isolation
  • Postural Improvements
  • Concentration
  • Ocular Motor
  • Shallow/Deep Revolving Breathing
righ arrow - occupational octaves piano

Bring the Piano Directly to Your Educational or Therapeutic Setting! Reach Mandated Goals Through Music!...

Why is a solution as drastic as an entirely new language of music necessary?

Traditional music notes are confusing!

 Want proof? Go ask a musician what notes these are:

The musician could not answer the question because without certain symbols on the lines, the above is meaningless.

So, will it become easy when the symbols are added?


Here’s an example of the complexity:


Occupational Octaves Piano(tm) features a unique system of colorful #RingsOnTheFingers to go along with a specially labeled keyboard and the new language of music so that instead of a complex system to learn, clear instructions are built in without confusing symbols and changes!

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