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Occupational Octaves Piano™ curriculum, Book 1 (Paperback)

Occupational Octaves Piano™ – Book 1 (Paperback)


Occupational Octaves Piano™ is designed for people who may struggle to read and succeed with traditional music notes, but still want to play the pianoBy the end of this book, learners will play songs using all ten fingers, including Mozart’s Night Music! 

Note: These songs are played with the rings on for Occupational Octaves Piano™ users and with the rings off for The Stockner Method™ users.
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Each book includes TWO sets of our colored #RingsOnTheFingers!

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Book 1 of Occupational Octaves Piano™ is the first of 8 books, which focuses on learning new notes, which fingers to play them with, and how long to hold them for. Using a system of colored letters in rhythmically designed boxes instead of complex traditional notes, almost anyone with basic color and letter matching skills can perform with confidence on a pathway toward musical achievement! Our successful users include:

  • Piano Teachers with Beginner/Adaptive Students
  • DIY Piano Learners
  • Learners Preparing for Traditional Note Reading
  • Music Therapists
  • Non-Music Therapists (occupational therapy, rehabilitation therapy, assisted living, addiction, etc.)
  • Classroom Environments (Schools, districts, special education classrooms, music classrooms, therapeutic settings, etc.)

Table of Contents:

Preface/Instructional Pages

  1. The New C
  2. Sun & Moon
  3. The New D
  4. Seedy Song
  5. Hand Switch
  6. The New E
  7. Mary Had a Little Lamb (EZ)
  8. Eureka
  9. Bouncing Around
  10. The New B
  11. Pinball
  12. The New A
  13. Skip & Jump
  14. The New F
  15. The New g
  16. Yankee Doodle (EZ)
  17. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (EZ)
  18. There Was an Old Woman (EZ)
  19. Secondary Instructional Page
  20. Hot Cross Buns
  21. Here Comes the Chord
  22. Singing Tune
  23. Call & Respond
  24. Rainy Day
  25. The Doorbell is Ringing
  26. Mountain Tops
  27. Tennis Match
  28. The New G
  29. Row, Row Your Boat (EZ)
  30. The Rest Song
  31. Just Relax
  32. Beethoven’s Shepherd’s Song
  33. The New f
  34. Wheels on the Bus (EZ) – Pg. 1
  35. Wheels on the Bus (EZ) – Pg. 2
  36. Mozart’s Night Music (EZ) – Pg. 1
  37. Mozart’s Night Music (EZ) – Pg. 2


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