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I had the most amazing success with Occupational Octaves with a 9 year old autistic boy! In a little over six weeks, we went from barely being able to play middle C continuously, to playing Twinkle Twinkle and Shepherds Awake. It was truly remarkable! I had no real expectations as I had not used a system like this before to teach, but I was not prepared for how quickly and how enthusiastically the student took to this system. Using colored dry erase markers to write the right letters on the right keys became one of his favorite warm-up activities, to the point where he decided ON HIS OWN that he no longer needed to write them and could play the songs correctly on unmarked keys (a huge confidence boost for him!). This method was so effective that I even experimented with writing out the letters in black pen (no colors) and my student was, by the end, able to read the correct notes without any color or color-band cues. It was amazing, and for an intelligent boy struggling with the self-esteem issues autism brings, I saw a real transformation. It was so effective I am considering using it with all my very young students. Traditional notation can be learned at any time, but the kind of excitement that this method engenders, in addition to actually knowing note names and PLAYING and ENJOYING IT may just save a few kids from quitting! My student lights up every time he comes to lessons now, and I understand that he plays at home without even being told to. I have just ordered Book 2! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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