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Occupational Octaves Piano by Lee D. Stockner is an amazing program for children with special needs! My 9 year old twin sons with autism are currently taking lessons with Mr. Lee on Sunday mornings in Queens, NY (Christopher since October 2012 and Nicholas since October 2014). Nicholas and Christopher have so much fun learning to play a variety of music. Mr. Lee individualizes his lessons to meet the needs of each student. He is very skilled at addressing any behaviors that arise. Some of the strategies that he uses to work through challenging sessions include token boards and positive reinforcement. Rewards offered include use of the sensory gym in the facility where lessons take place. I am very pleased with this program and highly recommend it. My sons look forward to their weekly piano lessons and also enjoy playing on the keyboard we have at home. I am so proud of the accomplishments they have made so far with this program. A big “thank you” to Lee D. Stockner for creating this wonderful program and being great at teaching it to children with special needs!Lisa Kruger

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