Complimentary Sheet Music & Rings

An 8-Book Classical Curriculum Written in a Uniquely User-Friendly Language

Learners with basic color & letter matching skills and a desire to play the piano should begin with the first three Occupational Octaves Piano™ books, then choose the best path forward!

Occupational Octaves Piano – Books 1 – 3

Continue Playing Challenging Songs with a Simple Language!

Occupational Octaves Piano

Transition to Learn the Challenging Language with Simple Steps!

The Stockner Method

Layer 138

This diagram shows the slow and steady progress through which the Occupational Octaves Pianoexperience evolves over 8 books. View the Tables of Contents of each book on our Shop page.

Layer 138

The NYSSMA Influence

The mission of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) is “to advocate and improve the education in music of all people in New York by promoting appropriate music activities and programs in the schools and communities of New York State” (from Each year, NYSSMA holds events for solo performers, bands, orchestras and choruses to perform a set of songs and exercises for judges who can be quite harsh! Occupational Octaves Piano™ author Lee D. Stockner knows firsthand since he was both a performer and judge.

For pianists, NYSSMA had six levels of difficulty. After months of preparation, each student performs 1, 2, 3 or 4 octave major scales (depending on the song level), an approved classical piano piece, and the true test of music reading independence; sight reading. Below are playlists of student experiences using Occupational Octaves Pianowith a direct NYSSMA influence:

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