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“Flow is the #1 goal and as laid out in my paper, there are so many incredible benefits to it besides the wonderful opportunity to play music, and play well!”

 -Lee D. Stockner

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Learn Complex Songs with a Simple Language - occupational octaves piano

To reach a state of flow, you need expertise in the basics. At the piano, the basics are which note to play, which finger to use and how long to hold each for. Try the #RingsOnTheFingers and take a few minutes to learn the basics.

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Once you get the hang of it, practice, watch some demonstrations, and try to get a bit better. You should be frustrated from time to time as you find yourself thinking “I KNEW that should be an F, but I played a G again!” However, if you follow instructions and use basic expertise, you will get it.

Learn the Complex Language with Simple Steps - occupational octaves piano
Flowsign - occupational octaves piano

After a while, the mind and body will lock in together and much of a performance will happen with ease – like the hands just took over! Keep going and eventually, you will reach your best performance and because of the journey, this performance will be effortless. That’s when FLOW happens.

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Keep going to the next challenge! Maybe it is to move forward with more music wearing the #RingsOnTheFingers or perhaps it is time to move on to The Stockner Method™. On this path, you will develop the expertise you need if you trust the step-by-step process. Then, over time, you can reach an even greater flow since reaching high levels of performance using traditional notes is certainly a greater challenge!

Flow! (Long Term) - occupational octaves piano
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Some of Lee’s Flow State Lectures, Influences, and more:

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