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Bring Occupational Octaves™ to Your Organization

A cloud-based approach can instantly and easily transform a school district, hospital, therapeutic organization, music lesson center or other professional setting into an Occupational Octaves Piano empowered program. This digital platform is equipped with the full curriculum (including Occupational Octaves Piano and The Stockner Method) segmented into individual lessons with thorough instructions, demonstration videos, hundreds of non-musical goals to track and achieve, and an easy-to-use data collection system.


Occupational Octaves Piano™ on UnitusTI looks to empower two categories of instructors:

  • We are non-musician friendly! Educators and therapists without a musical background who seek to include music in their instructional approaches. Seeking goals such as concentration, leisure skills, following specific sequential instructions, musical engagement, quality of life improvement, hand stabilization and finger isolation is easy on this platform, especially since it includes built-in teaching training segments.
  • Music educators who look to offer adaptive piano lessons to individuals with and without special needs who require a structure to do so. Instructors will choose to concentrate on the “musical goals” of a traditional music lesson (understand how to read notes, fingers and beats, play scales, chords, classical songs, etc.) and/or “non-musical goals” like a Music Therapist (including fine motor development, active listening, and more).


My 13-year old son, who is diagnosed with Autism and struggles to find successful and rewarding experiences, has taken piano lessons with Lee Stockner for over a year. Lee Stockner's Occupational Octaves Piano method has helped my son to learn in ways I would not have imagined possible. My son is now able to be focused and disciplined for a 45 minute lesson without tiring, has learned to read music via Lee's adapted notation, and has gone from playing simple one-handed pieces to playing with both hands. Now, he goes all the way through more than a book each lessons and plays between 30 and 40 pages of material from books 4 and 5 of Lee’s curriculum. My son is delighted when it is time for his lesson and clearly enjoys learning and playing. It often has a calming effect on him and it seems to tap and exercise his intellectual abilities in a unique and deep way that almost nothing else can. I am so happy for my son that he is learning to enjoy the challenge, stimulation and pleasure that learning to play the piano, and music, gives him. In 2016, he performed at a special needs recital after only a few months of lessons to applause and we look forward to his next performance.

Susannah from Long Island Parent of Occupational Octaves™ Student with Autism

What is UnitusTI?

UnitusTI is an electronic data records management system and curriculum server that allows educators and therapists the ability to:

UnitusTI - Your Multidisciplinary Cloud Publishing Partner - occupational octaves piano

The Internet is the new front door to your practice, UnitusTI makes it easy to start collecting, analyzing and sharing data with your staff and clients today.

How does it work?

UnitusTI is hosted securely in the cloud, which means you subscribe, get personally trained by us, log in, load your center/school data, client and staff information, create your reports and templates, create your own curriculum or program or add a pre-loaded one for a variety of educational needs.

To get started with a subscription, book a demo now:

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