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Mission Statement

To make piano playing universally accessible to people with or without a musical background through the use of an entirely new and wonderfully user-friendly language of music.

The Occupational Octaves Piano™ Sampler Pack features pieces from Books 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7 of the full 8-book curriculum. Download your copy below and order a complimentary set of the colored #RingsOnTheFingers so you can try for yourself!

Who is it For?

Special Education Schools/Programs

Bring Occupational Octaves™ directly into special needs classrooms with the express purpose of reaching IEP and other non-musical goals through music. Teachers, aides, therapists, and parents can work together in an interdisciplinary format for a student to play and develop for years and even decades!

Occupational & Hand Therapy

Motivate for strength and recovery using music to reach goals focused on hand stabilization, finger isolation, proprioception, stretching, increasing range of motion, and many more!

Music Therapy

Occupational Octaves™ blends the musical goals of a piano lesson with the non-musical goals of music therapy including developing coping skills, crossing the midline, following sequential instructions and more while also reaching the basic goals of a piano lesson which include to play multi-octave scales, play Beethoven’s Fur Elise, or perform at a recital.

Recreation Therapy (Assisted Living, Addiction Recovery, Quality of Life)

The most purposeful event for a musician is reaching a state of flow, or zen state, or being lost in the moment. Our program author, Lee D. Stockner, authored “Classical Piano as a Pathway to Flow States for Learners with Disabilities.” By following his process, the wonders of flow can enhance quality of life and healing for people in assisted living or addiction rehabilitation.

Music Lessons (Adaptive, Traditional, and Blended Approaches)

While initially created for people with special needs, Occupational Octaves™ is truly for anyone with basic matching skills. Folks are often shy to try because the method seems overly simplified, however, the language is the only simplified aspect - not the musical content. This means that to perform Mozart, Beethoven, Bach or Chopin still presents immense challenges! Start with Occupational Octaves™ and then move into The Stockner Method™ to learn reading traditional sheet music!

About us

Not everyone can read and succeed with traditional music, and that’s okay! Some people have challenges that require adaptation, others simply did not have early positive learning experiences and think, “I just can’t do this.” Here at Occupational Octaves™, we are piano dream creators and revivers! Bring an open mind and some basic skills and you’ll be playing in no time! If mastering the challenging music towards the end of the book series, move on to The Stockner Method(tm) to continue the journey with traditional music notes!

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Occupational Octaves™, the Documentary: Learn About the Roots of this Method

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What is a New Language of Music?

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