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The Occupational Octaves™ Masters Collection: Beethoven (Paperback)

The Occupational Octaves™ Masters Collection: Beethoven (Paperback)


Occupational Octaves Piano™ is designed for people who may struggle to read and succeed with traditional music notes, but still want to play the piano. By the end of this book, learners will play Beethoven’s Fifth and Fur Elise!

NOTE: While two sets of colored rings are included, the black, blue, red, orange, and green dry erase markers used to label the keyboard are not.
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The Occupational Octaves™ Masters Collection is a wonderful journey through the works of Ludwig van Beethoven for users of all 8 Occupational Octaves Piano™ books! Using a system of colored letters in rhythmically designed boxes instead of complex traditional notes, almost anyone with basic color and letter matching skills can perform with confidence on a pathway toward musical achievement!

If you or your student has reached Book 7 of this method, it is a great time to introduce the Beethoven Masters Collection however, the later challenges of the book should be faced after completing Book 8.

Table of Contents:

Pg. 1 – 9 – Sonatina in G Major

Pg. 10 – 15 – Moonlight Sonata

Pg. 16 – 20 – Beethoven’s Fifth

Pg. 21 – 38 – Fur Elise (Advanced)


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