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Occupational Octaves™ Presents: A Joyful Christmas Collection (Paperback)

Occupational Octaves™ Presents: The Book of EJ (Paperback) (Copy)


This is the second sing-a-long Occupational Octaves Piano™ book and is designed for users of books 1-3 of Occupational Octaves Piano™

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Occupational Octaves™ Presents: A Joyful Christmas Collection is a wonderful supplement for users of Books 1-3. Here’s what’s new:

This is the second Occupational Octaves Piano™ book written by someone other than Lee. Sabrina Lu is a homeschool mom, a special educator, and a musician with a focus on singing. Her and her son, EJ, who is diagnosed with Autism and has high support needs, had their musical lives opened by the #RingsOnTheFingers and are hooked on the program.J.

This is the second Occupational Octaves Piano™ book to include lyrics! All 37 pages are designed to sing along!


Occupational Octaves Piano™ focuses on learning new notes, which fingers to play them with, and how long to hold them for. Using a system of colored letters in rhythmically designed boxes instead of complex traditional notes, almost anyone with basic color and letter matching skills can perform with confidence on a pathway toward musical achievement! Our successful users include:

  • Piano Teachers with Beginner/Adaptive Students
  • DIY Piano Learners
  • Learners Preparing for Traditional Note Reading
  • Music Therapists
  • Non-Music Therapists (occupational therapy, rehabilitation therapy, assisted living, addiction, etc.)
  • Classroom Environments (Schools, districts, special education classrooms, music classrooms, therapeutic settings, etc.)


Table of Contents:

Preface/Instructional Pages

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    Music TherapistMusic Educator/Music SchoolOccupational TherapistSpecial EducatorAdministratorAssisted LivingParent/Family MemberOther


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