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Our son Ari is profoundly autisitic – minimally verbal and hyperactive. I did not think he would be able to sit for a lesson and let Lee know right away that the lessons might last less than 15 minutes in the beginning. Ari began taking lessons in the fall of 2009 and, to be perfectly honest- seeing is believing! From day one, he sat at the piano for 30 minutes with short granola bar breaks in between. He immediately clicked with Lee. A few weeks after he began, we watched Ari sit at the piano, follow Lee’s directions happily and tinkle those ivories! He loves his lessons and they have become one of the highlights of his week. Our son is 21 yo and lives in a group home – I never thought he would be able to do any of this, especially since I have a piano in my home which he has never touched! This program is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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