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My 13-year old son who has autism has taken piano lessons with Lee Stockner for almost a year. Lee Stockner’s Occupational Octaves piano method has helped my son to learn in ways I would not have imagined possible. My son is now able to be focused and disciplined for a 45 minute lesson, has learned to read music via Lee’s adapted notation, and has gone from playing simple one-handed pieces to playing with both hands. My son is delighted when it is time for his lesson and clearly enjoys learning and playing. It often has a calming effect on him and it seems to tap and exercise his intellectual abilities in a unique and deep way that almost nothing else can. I am so happy for my son that he is learning to enjoy the challenge, stimulation and pleasure that learning to play the piano, and music, gives him. Occupational Octave piano lessons are a brilliant method of teaching.

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